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6thMiddleware Doctoral Symposium

Urbana Champaign, Illinois, USA

November 30, 2009

Submission Guidelines

Doctoral students who are interested in submitting papers should be advanced enough in their studies to have a specific research proposal and some preliminary results with enough time remaining to benefit from the symposium experience. This would typically, but not exclusively, be students who are approximately one/two years from thesis completion.

The paper should clearly explain:

  • research problem and its significance
  • related work and its limitations
  • research approach (algorithms, prototypes, empirical studies, etc.)
  • preliminary research findings
  • plans for future research

Papers must not exceed 6 pages, including abstract, all figures, all tables, and references. Submissions must follow the ACM Conference Proceedings Format. You can use the ACM Word or LaTeX style templates to prepare your article. Papers can only be submitted in PDF format.

All submitted papers will be carefully reviewed by three members of the program committee. Successful candidates will be eligible to apply for the Middleware travel-grant program. All accepted papers will be published in the Middleware 2009 conference companion CD and the ACM's Digital Library.


  • Please use the option 2 style file from the ACM website (option 1 does NOT include the permission statement). Insert the following three lines in your .tex document after \begin{document} to produce the correct copyright statement and info:
    \conferenceinfo{MDS'09,}{November 30, 2009 Urbana Champaign, Illinois, USA}
  • Please use Type 1 fonts. See the ACM FAQ for help.
  • If your paper has more than three authors, some of them will only be listed on another page if you follow the official format. See the ACM FAQ for ways to fix the format of your author list.


Insert the ACM copyright statement at the bottom of the first page left column. You can copy-paste this statement from this file. This statement should appear in 8 pt. Times New Roman, justified text, with MDS'09 in italic.

Copyright form

Accepted papers will appear in the ACM Digital Library. First authors of accepted papers will be required to sign the ACM copyright form. This form transfers copyright of the paper to ACM. Authors retain many rights even after such a transfer. More information can be found in the complete ACM Copyright Policy. You can fax, mail or e-mail your signed form to us.

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MDS'09 Computer Engineering & Informatics Dept.
University of Patras
26500 Rio-Patra

Paper submission

Papers must be submitted in PDF format through our electronic paper submission system.